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Play Numberheads for Ten Minutes

Posted: May 6, 2013 in News

A gameplay video is really a lousy way to demonstrate a game like Numberheads. But if you check out this page you can play it for free. For ten minutes, anyway.

Every once in a while when surfing the Unity asset store you come on something that inspires you with an idea. Just a few minutes ago I opened Unity and the Asset Store popped up and I spied something called “Circular Gravity Force.”   My first reaction was WTF is that? That sounds stupid!

But my curiosity got the better of me and I checked out this physics script from developer LaneMax. It’s only $5 so I am buying it. Here are a few of the sample videos.

Even the tutorial video is a lot of fun to watch!

This is one of those scripts that gives you all sorts of ideas just from watching it work in a demo vid …

You’d expect that any 3D models that you’d use in a  Unity app would have been created in an external 3D modelling program like Maya or Blender. But there are a few Unity plug-ins that let you model right in the editor. I have purchased two of them: GameDraw from MixedDimensions and ProBuilder from SixBySevenStudio.

Both of these plug-ins let you create 3D models within Unity, and edit them on a per-vertex, per-face, or per-edge basis. GameDraw includes a UV editor so you can even do that task without leaving Unity. ProBuilder has really nice control over many things having to do with colliders. Actually, both have an almost overwhelming number of features, and I’ll gladly admit I have just started using these packages.

If the two companies combined what they have into one product they’d have something so amazing that it’d be unbeatable. More to come as I explore these products further…