Back in the Saddle Again

Posted: July 2, 2013 in News

No posts since May 6!  Chalk it up to literally not being able to use my right arm as it more-or-less locked up. Imagine it hurting to put your right arm in the position needed to use your mouse (actually, a trackball for me) and likewise keyboarding was impossibly painful.  Try rolling over to the right during sleep and waking up in pain several times a night.

Torn Rotator Cuff was the initial diagosis.  Some Tramadol-based pain killers added to the recipe and I couldn’t think straight enough to code (much – I guess I’m addicted to code 🙂  ). Arthroscopic shoulder surgery on June 12 left three tiny scars and cleaned the mess up. But then comes the Vicodin. Try working while taking 5 of those a day for a week or two. It’s hard to focus on daytime TV much less write C# scripts.

If you’ve ever seen the U.S. TV show “House” you’ve seen him gobble two or three at a time like candy. I sure wouldn’t want a doctor in that state working on my case…

By last Tuesday (June 25) I was more or less out of the haze; still a bit fuzzy but doing a little work. Then I ate spoiled Salmon that night. I didn’t get better till Sunday. I’ll leave out the details.

And it’s all the more frustrating given that Numberheads 2.2 was almost ready for App Store submission.  Mostly incremental changes this time and mostly to the UI, although there are some minor bug fixes and a new DEMO game selection where the game runs itself so you can see how to play it.

I created the Demo game for trade shows like Casual Connect San Francisco 2013. That way I can have an iPad running automatically and displaying the image on a TV monitor so I can talk to people. Even though I personally like the game even after thousands of hours playing it myself, I can’t do it all day for 3 days in a row. I’ll be at the Indie Prize pavilion (?) along with a lot of other developers. Not entirely sure how Benign Games got selected to compete for the Indie Prize; I didn’t even apply. Clean living?

Next I want to do a mini review of  “Unity Shaders and Effects Cookbook”. I skimmed it and it really looked promising.

Keep tuned to this Bat-Channel!

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