Articy, XML, and LINQ, oh my!

Posted: October 4, 2013 in Musings, Programming, Unity3D

I’m really excited about using Articy Draft for my next project. The biggest issue with it for me is the tool chain. For sure you can buy Articy Access but unless they’ve changed it, it’s about 1700 Euros per project. and it requires the server version of Articy Draft which is way more pricey than the single-user version and more work (I assume) to set up and maintain because of the server component (which I have no need for). So price wise it’s sort of too expensive on several levels and waaay more complicated than I need.

So I’m whipping out my XML and LINQ hats, putting them one on top of the other, and gonna spend some time creating a more universal adapter for Unity3D. In the end I want it to be able to connect up to behavior trees (I’m using Angry Ant’s Behave2).   I noticed that there’s already a product that does some of that, but it’s written in JavaScript (why?) and appears to be simpler than what I want to do.

Honestly, with the zillions of Unity devs I don’t know what the Articy folks don’t make a simple adapter for getting their XML into Unity themselves, aimed at users who are using the standalone Articy.

First DUMB thing I ran into is that at least for Unity 4.2 you have to hunt around the Unity installation to grab the proper assembly for System.Linq and drag it into a plugins folder in your Assets window. It’s about 100 kB but for sure I’ll have to remember to remove it before a final release build. Sigh. Really doesn’t make sense that I can’t use that in an Editor-ish class but I understand why.

More as time passes…


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