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Game Video

Posted: July 15, 2013 in Marketing, News
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Just sent a new, improved Numberheads Version 2.1 to the App Store (waiting for approval). Here’s a roughly 9 minute game play video

Available on the App Store:

I’m glad that I’m not depending on app sales to eat. After about a week on the App Store, Numberheads has sold about 1 dozen copies. Truthfully, I didn’t really expect app nirvana on day 1, and I know that getting discovered means spending gigabux or doing guerilla marketing.

So far, it looks like the best methods are promo code giveaways and social networking using twitter and/or facebook.

There are plenty of sites that will let you pay reviewers to buy your app and write nice reviews. I don’t want to go that route. There’s also twitter spam. Naah.

I have real doubts whether all the websites that put up reviews can actually affect your sales in anything other than a transient fashion, but I’m going to try it anyway. It seems as if discoverability on the Apple App Store is a hit-and-miss thing. You need reviews to get noticed, you need sales to get reviews, and you need reviews to get sales. Almost like a catch-22, eh?

Catch-22 cover