Numberheads Credits

Numberheads was designed and programmed by Jeff Sasmor (Linkedin: )

The characters in Numberheads were designed by Lauren Orrells, a Welsh game artist who I met online purely by happenstance. She’s very talented, here’s her web page:

The main enabler for this project was the Unity3D game engine, what a remarkable product almost for free (and the basic version is free).

There are actually two separate touch screen middleware products in Numberheads, EZ-GUI from Above and Beyond Software, and Finger Gestures from Fatal Frog.

The on-screen numbers are “sprites,” made using Sprite Manager 2, also from Above and Beyond Software.

Other middleware was from Moodkie Interactive (EasySave), JML (radial indicators, no working website), and Hedgehog Team (most of the cartoony puffballs and explosion effects).

Sound effects from, and Reiner “Tiles” Prokein.


The “Classic” game has a three-part track: Skaven (a Finnish musician whose real name is Peter Hajba, he’s the author of the remarkable music for Bejeweled 2) gracefully allowed me to use two of his older MOD compositions. Music from M0D “Greg Tuby” was found thru and the pieces of his that I used are in the public domain.

The background music for the “Speed” game is from Arteria3D , and that for the “Zenoic” game is from